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In Holms Finmekanik we have some of the most skilled fine mechanics on the market who work daily with the highest tolerance requirements and accuracy for the benefit of our customers. We often act as sparring partners with our customers, where we can provide rational alternatives regarding the choice of materials and production processes. 

In Holm’s Finmekanik, we have many years of experience in producing components in all difficulty levels and in virtually all materials as well as diameters. 

When you approach us, you are guaranteed to have a clear idea of what tasks or challenges you want solved. Then we will often help you figure out how to solve the task or spar with improvements to your solutions.

CNC turning

Our machine fleet today consists of about 20 CNC lathes.

We have a high-tech machine park with double spinning machines, short turners, long turners, charging magazines, gantry loaders, robot cells, etc.m.

We process parts in lengths up to 3000 mm and with diameters from Ø0.1 up to Ø500 mm with tolerances of ±0.002.

Our day-to-day operations consist of the production of small and large series, including the production of single-piece series and prototypes.


In our milling department we have 18 modern 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers on your parts, where several of our machines are equipped with robots. This means that we can run our cutters 24 hours a day. 

All our machines are equipped with zero-point plates for high repeat accuracy and fast setup. 

We produce complex items from prototypes to series production. The composition of our machine fleet gives our customers the guarantee of precise items at a competitive price. The item size is from 0.1 grams to 50 kg. X-Y-Z max is 1600x900x1000 mm

Production wire rubbing

As a few, we can offer production wire friction on 6-axis CNC machines with robot feed. Wire rubbing is a production method that provides very accurate and consistent items. The spark wire varies below 1μm in diameter, and since the thread runs constantly during the process, this production method does not have the wear on the cutting medium as one has in grinding and other chipping machining.

We offer production thread rubbing of item size Ø150x300mm with robots of 80 magazine bays.


In our assembly department, we offer small and large assembly tasks of, among other things, medical equipment and other precision tasks. Everything from assembly to finished product packed in cardboard boxes, and ready for direct delivery to our customers.

In addition, we offer soldering, bonding, epoxy casting and finer mounting tasks under the microscope with sharp tolerances.

Measurement/testing of electrical components with documentation is carried out, as well as pressure testing.


Our grinding department consists of 2 round grinders, plane grinders and centerless grinders. Here we can offer grinding up to Ø500, as well as length of 2 meters to a tolerance of ± 0.001.

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